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Get a FREE POS terminal and enjoy low fees on all your transactions.

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Freedom to make your own money!

Join our wide network of direct, and partner agents to gain the power and control to make your own money by providing financial services in your neighbourhood.

What you can do with Jufopay

Enjoy 1.5% discounts on airtime recharges

Pay Utility Bills

Pay Utility Bills

Make utility bill payments from the comfort of your homes or on-the-go. Pay for your cable TV, electricity, Internet, education, and more.

Fast & Secure Transfers

Fast & Secure Transfers

With Jufopay, you can send and receive money to other banks instantly. All you need is to download the app to get started..

Become an Agent

Become an Agent

Become a bank for your neighbourhood. With Jufopay POS terminals, you can offer deposit/withdrawal services

Airtime / Data

Airtime / Data

Get 1.5% discounts each time for your airtime purchase on the Jufopay app. Do more with Jufopay with ease!

Upgrade to  Business

Upgrade to Business

Collect payments, take overdrafts, access low interest loans with flexible repayment models

Offline Banking

Offline Banking

No smartphone? No problem!. Our USSD service enables offline transactions across all financial services

Free POS

Free POS for your business

Jufopay is a CBN licensed mobile money platform. We offer low fees and an eaay way to provide arrays of financial services for your customers.

Receive funds into your wallet instantly and offer transfer services to your customers in real-time.

One App

One App To Control It All

Become a profitable mobile money agent with our app. All the tools you need in one platform. Keep an eye on your daily transactions and commissions.

Your growth is very important for us, so we have built our app with our customers in mind. You are equipped to offer all financial services to your community.

Getting Started On Jufopay



Simply sign up with your phone number or email address in less than 3mins to get started on Jufopay


Verify Account

Update your account with a secure code sent to your email/mobile number to unlock your access


Access to More

Now you have just joined the cool tribe, you can upgrade to become an agent, or own a business account to enjoy new possibilities